Currency Exchange – Exchanging Canadian and U.S. Dollars

  • December 29, 2019

Remote money trade is constantly an issue for Canadians who shop in the United States or make online buys from U.S. based retailers.

Recollect that the Bank of Canada rate you frequently observe cited on sites, in papers, and on TV isn’t the rate you will get while trading your Canadian dollars for U.S. dollars (or the other way around upon your arrival to Canada). At the point when you trade cash, it can cost you 2 – 3% of the sum you are trading, in addition to extra charges now and again. This implies if the Canadian dollar and the U.S. dollar are at standard, you will just get about $.97 the U.S. for each Canadian dollar you trade.

In like manner, it’s critical to audit your cash trade alternatives and discover the technique that best suits your needs. For your benefit, we have given a diagram of the accompanying cash trade techniques, their advantages and disadvantages and who they might be generally reasonable for.

Canadian Dollar Credit Cards

While utilizing your Canadian dollar charge card to make available and online buys from U.S. retailers is regularly be the most advantageous approach to cross outskirt shop, it’s critical to remember that most Canadian Mastercards charge a robust outside exchange expense for buys made in U.S. dollars, and you might be in for an unexpected when you get your month to month bill.

In any case, there has been an energizing advancement on this front, with the presentation of Canadian dollar charge cards with no remote exchange expenses that additionally offer alluring prizes programs.

U.S. Dollar Credit Cards

Previously, some cross outskirt customers picked a U.S. dollar charge card to maintain a strategic distance from expensive outside exchange charges related to Canadian Master cards. While most Canadian banks still offer these U.S. Master cards, they have, generally, been rendered out of date by the presentation of Canadian dollar Visas with no remote exchange expenses that offer the entirety of the advantages and none of the downsides related with U.S. charge cards for Canadians.


Banks by and large charge high expenses for trading money, typically in the scope of 3% of the sum you are trading. On the in addition to side, banks are quick and effectively open settings for trading cash. On the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity to waste and you are trading a moderately limited quantity of cash on a one time premise, banks can be a decent alternative.

Cash Exchange Kiosks

There are various boutique organizations that spend significant time in cash trade situated in and around most urban communities. These organizations frequently come up short on little customer-facing facades or stands and can have marginally preferable rates over the banks. In any case, on the off chance that you are in a rush, you may not be capable discover one that is strategically placed.

Online Currency Exchange Services

Online money trade administrations are getting progressively well known. They frequently offer preferred trade rates over both the banks and cash trade booths. On the off chance that you are trading money on the web, ensure you are utilizing a trustworthy site and see how and when your cash will be conveyed. In the event that you trade cash all the time or are trading a lot of cash, and don’t require your assets quickly, trading your cash online might be a decent choice.

ATM Machines

In case you’re as of now in the United States and need to get to U.S. dollars rapidly, ATM machines are constantly a choice. Notwithstanding, it’s critical to remember that ATM machines charge generally high expenses for trading money, notwithstanding level expenses of $2 to $4 per exchange. ATM machines ought to be seen if all else fails for getting to U.S. money.

U.S. Dollar Bank Accounts

In the event that you cross fringe shop all the time or are making a huge buy in U.S. dollars, you might need to think about opening a U.S. financial balance to have U.S. money available to you at whatever point you need it. Some Canadian banks enable you to open Canadian Dollar to Dollar accounts with no month to month expense and no base equalization prerequisites. At the point when the swapping scale is good, essentially move cash from your Canadian dollar record to your U.S. dollar account. Remember that you will, in any case, need to pay moderately high bank money trade charges.


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