How to Choose Your Wedding Magician

  • December 23, 2019

 How to choose your wedding ceremony magician from the internet

congratulations! in case you’re studying this article, you’re getting married! further congratulations are in order for considering hiring a magician to entertain your visitors. as a wedding magician, i’m of course biased on the on the significance of hiring a magician to break the ice at a wedding. however, for my brother’s wedding i knew i had to get him something absolutely unique – i hired a magician, so this isn’t simply me seeking to promote it my offerings.

Now directly to the bad news – in case you get a bad magician then they are able to sincerely be detrimental on your special day. they are able to turn up overdue (or never), speak to your guests like kids, swear, be impolite/arrogant or, more likely, simply be rubbish at performing.

So here are some steps to help you get the right guy for the activity.

After searching the internet and locating some magicians which you just like the look of, contact them and request a assembly. inform them that you’ll also be assembly some different magicians. magicicien mariage paris this is the maximum green approach of making sure which you get an awesome magician in your wedding ceremony. each magician will proclaim his brilliance on his internet site, at the cellphone or via e-mail. but, when he is aware of that he could be judged in opposition to different magicians, only equipped/correct magicians will conform to a assembly. you may additionally be able to tell loads about the magician: if he arrives on time, has polished footwear and receives on nicely with your pals and own family, then chances are your visitors will sense precisely similar to you probably did at that first meeting.

If the choice of assembly them isn’t available, then a cellphone name is the second one excellent choice. definitely each magician claims to be humorous and wildly unique on their internet site, but in fact this isn’t always the case. as paul daniels says, “don’t tell me you’re funny, make me snort”. again, if they can make you chortle over the phone and provide off a likeable vibe then they are possibly a very good alternative.

If you have your meeting / telephone name, those are accurate inquiries to ask to make sure that the magician is a competent performer:-

1) Are you a full time expert magician?

If he has another activity, ask if he ever works weekends. if he has to pick between his foremost supply of income and his bonus income that he gets from magic indicates, you may lamentably find which you do now not have a magician at your wedding.

2) Have you ever achieved at many weddings?

It is very clean to prepare a website and provide wedding services. but, you do no longer want your magician to be gaining knowledge of his alternate to your special day. it’s miles vital that you rent an skilled performer who knows what he is doing.

3) How do you get most of your work?

Even though websites and sellers will deliver in a large percentage of a magician’s earnings, the top magicians stay off of phrase of mouth and repeat bookings.

4) Do you perform each on foot magic and table magic?

There are magicians who’ve executed for years beneath the identical situations, e.g. constantly with/with out a desk, with/without history music and so on. if so, the magician will most effective carry out in an surroundings in which he feels at ease, so ensure that he has previously worked in an environment just like what you ought to book him for.

5) Do you figure with children?

Some magicians are kid’s entertainers who agree with due to the fact the dad and mom experience their show, they are able to carry out inside the equal way with an grownup crowd. likewise, some magicians who carry out totally for adults will no longer perform for kids. as eighty five% of wedding ceremony visitors are normally adults, i strongly endorse you rent a magician who has a residency in a eating place. this allows the magician to paintings with children with out being solely a kid’s entertainer.

6) Will you carry out for the bride and groom?

Magicians are usually hired on an hourly basis and if you rent a magician most effective in your wedding images, he may be gone before you arrive, and so that you will not get to see what you have paid for.

7) Are there some other magicians within the region you would endorse / propose against?

You would possibly suppose it might be counter-efficient for one magician to advertise the services of every other magician. but, as of recent times, reality television suggests including britain’s / the us’s were given skills have portrayed magicians in the sort of bad light that the magic network is happy to recommend good magicians and warn towards bad ones.

8) Do you have references that we could contact?

Ask for references even when you have no intentions on calling the man or woman. the magician’s reaction to the query will give you extra than enough data. if he struggles to think of anybody who may want to deliver a effective reference; he either (a) has by no means labored as a marriage magician (b) doesn’t trust that his wedding ceremony clients will give a high quality overview or (c) (in the event that they sense awkward about giving someone else’s information) have likely now not supplied a service to the customer.

9) What do you wear even as appearing?

Magicians are appearing artists and consequently can also express themselves thru style. there are some younger magicians that perform in jeans and a t-blouse, which may not be what you want for your wedding ceremony day – make certain to ask.

10) Are you insured?

Every expert performer must have insurance. chances are they will never use it, but if they are no longer willing to make an investment in themselves, why have to you are making an investment in them?

11) Can you offer me with a contract / bill?

If the magician can offer you earlier with a settlement and an invoice later, then he at least views his very own services in a expert light. if he cannot offer you with those files, possibilities are he is amateur / semi-professional.

12) Do you have got a legitimate machine / pa machine?

If you are having greater than a hundred visitors at your wedding, it is really helpful to use a valid system / pa machine during the speeches. maximum expert magicians may have a sound gadget and might be able to provide it totally free or for a small price, so one can generally be less than what it prices to rent it from another enterprise.


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