How to stay aware of the fake online poker sites?

  • September 9, 2019

The internet is filled with a lot of fake and authentic websites and it is very hard to tell which one is the real ones. Whenever you are opting for a website where you will be dealing with your sensitive data like bank account details, then you will have to inspect the website properly.

If you are a beginner in the world of online poker then you need to opt for a website by looking into all the factors that are stated below. If you think that any of the information that is available on the website is fishy then try to avoid the website.

Lack of information:

The common thing that you will see in most of the online poker website is they lack information. They will not be clear about what are they offering and what are the methods to play the game. It will lack information in every section and specifically in the about us section of poker uang asli android.

Whenever you see that the website is not providing you with enough transparency when it is better to avoid such a website as there is a high chance that the website is fake.

Customer Service:

An authentic website will have a responsive customer service because one can face a different type of queries and they will be able to solve them immediately. If you see that the customer service of the website is not responsive or is not being able to solve your query then it is would be a good idea to avoid using a website like that because there is a high chance that it can be fake.

No bonuses:

When you will ask for an authentic online poker website then they will provide you with a sign-up bonus and other types of bonuses like loyalty points. One can use these bonuses to play more games and they can also redeem these bonuses.

With the fake online website, you can see that they will not provide any type of bonuses and will always have the tendency of acquiring real cash from the user’s side. Sign up bonuses or free games are very important because it will help a player to judge whether the site is authentic or not. Most of the online poker website will provide you with that.



It is best to opt for a reputed online poker website. If you are confused with the website that you must pick then you should definitely ask any friend of yours who plays online poker and have an idea about the websites.

When you are opting for an online poker website by looking into the number of members that it has and the popularity of the website then there is hardly any chance of theft and the website will not be fake.


Before you opt for any website, check if the website is providing you with the license of conducting online poker. Most of the fake website won’t be able to provide authenticity when it comes to mentioning about the license. Moreover, online poker is not legal in many countries and which is why you must look into the website and see if it is legal in your place or not.

Payment modes:

Whenever you will opt for an authentic online poker website then you can see that it is going to offer you with different types of payment mode. When you are opting for fake online poker website then they will have a few options because their main will be to get direct access to your bank account.

An authentic website will always provide you with more options and they will also take the help of third-party applications as well if you are not comfortable in sharing your bank details directly with them.

These are the few things that you will have to keep in mind if you want to avoid falling into the trap of fake online poker websites. As you will be sharing your sensitive data and other credentials, then it is very important to do proper homework about the website.

Study every aspect of the website and see whether it is authentic or not. A fake website will completely mimic an authentic website so it is quite hard to tell. If you concentrate on the minor things, then you will be able to spot the differences.


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