Top 5 Fun Things To Do in Omaha, Nebraska

  • July 29, 2019

Omaha, Nebraska is positioned in the coronary heart of America heartland. That’s proper, smack in the center of all of it. Now you might be questioning that without a coast, no mountains and no massive body of water, Omaha is a hopeless case.

We would encourage you to pull back the curtain a bit and give Omaha a danger. We think you’ll locate that the listing of top things to do in Omaha is pleasantly surprising.

  1. The World’s Largest Indoor Desert

A part of the famed Henry Doorly Zoo, the wasteland Dome houses sections supposed to mimic the USA’s the Sonoran wasteland, Australia’s crimson center, and southern Africa is the Namib desolate tract. With distinctly realistic terrain and animal species local to each desolate tract, the desolate tract Dome has considered one of a few zoos reports that in reality transports you to the wild. You’ll discover rock faces, sand dunes, and barren region vegetation and animals all living within the natural mild that shines thru the dome.

  1. Dine-in Dundee

Dundee is up there with the high-quality of ‘em on the subject of Midwest culinary capitals. Being the Midwest, the burgers and steaks are on the highest level. The cakes are great as well. And if you’re a drinker you received’t want to miss Dundee Dell’s, home to the largest series of Scotch Whiskey inside the americaor a few neighborhood Beers.

Just a stroll around the community will go away your following your nostril to the subsequent meals destination.

  1. The Rainforest and the Aquarium

We’re headed back to the Henry Doorly Zoo. We thought it might be unfair to position all the zoo’s attractions as simply one activity. Trust us, there’s plenty to absorb. The Lied Jungle is the united states largest indoor rainforest. If that’s difficult to picture, imagine strolling via an indoor jungle entire with waterfalls, big plants, parrots flying from tree to tree and gibbons staring at you from above.

  1. Travel Back in Time at the Durham Museum

Set in a 1930’s train station, the Durham Museum is full of refurbished trains and artifacts from Omaha’s past. Hop from one interactive show off to some other, sit on a bench and chat it up with statues of servicemen returning from the war or clutch an old-fashioned malt on the museum’s soda fountain. The Durham Museum is an exquisite manner of going back to Omaha’s roots.

  1. Escape the City at Lauritzen Gardens

A botanical garden and arboretum positioned inside the city, Lauritzen is an excellent way to break out the town streets.  You’ll truly research a few new things approximately plants even as you’re at it. Perhaps your town tour has been all urban adventuring or maybe you’ve been within the car too long on your move cross-country trek. Either manner, Lauritzen Gardens is an amazing manner to stretch your legs and scent the flowers.


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