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6 celebrities who suffered from depression But overcome this disease Come back bright again

Shining guidelines for treating depression based on the real experiences of celebrities who have suffered from depression. How did they overcome this disease? With what method
          As we can see, many singers have been exposed to depression. But there are quite a few people who are sick with this disease But finally able to overcome it And also brought the experience to overcome depression to tell more Along with encouraging all patients Do you want to know how they fight depression? So how do you move on to continue your life brightly? Let’s try to find answers that may guide you in your life.

1. Sai Charoenpura

Sai Charoenpura became sick with PTSD depression after a car accident. Then they had to face stressful situations taking care of a depressed mother. And dementia Until she has depression levels MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) in the end, which was when sick. She said life is like being immersed in a hole that can’t find a way out of the light. Illness is a waste of work.
But with her frequent visits to the hospital, doctors can observe Khun Sai’s symptoms. And brought her into the process of healing Which must always take antidepressants Plus trying to live together with this disease understandably Be obedient to what your doctor recommends. Then strictly follow Including lifestyle adjustments as recommended by the doctor Until finally, the symptoms improved accordingly Can return to work And even with intermittent depression, she will be aware of her symptoms. And that day will sleep soon Wake up will disappear. Able to continue living
Sai Charoenpura told herself and tried to tell people with depression that We do not let disease eat us. It is not that we are ill and we have to be immersed in sadness. When sick, know that this is an illness After taking the medicine, it will disappear. We have to separate the sick from the self. It is important to take medicine and not be absent. Because of her own size that has improved But still take medicine regularly and have discipline .

2. Bowie Atma

Once on your personal Instagram, Bowie. Ever posted a message that “Who has depression Before you kill yourself, help Direct Message come to Bo first. ”That is the point where we know that She had also struggled with times when she was overwhelmed with grief. At that time, every second had only suffering, it was so gloomy that it seemed to be unable to endure life. But in the end, he was still fortunate to rely on the Dharma to practice meditation and to train the mind to let go. Until returning to bright and understanding the suffering in life as today Along with introducing people with depression to relieve their stress by going out to the world, going to parties, going to the gym To keep our bodies healthy And the practice of Dharma to strengthen the mind.

3. Ploy Cherman

Khun Ploy had been suffering from depression when she was 19 years old when she was undergoing treatment. And take medicine until it heals But when I met the news monsoon Banned in the entertainment industry She came back to meet this disease again. And this time the depression was quite heavy. Until you don’t want to go out Crying never stop And trembling But the next self-healing method, she decided to stay at home. Find activities, do exercise, watch movies, do something and do things and keep doing things until the symptoms get better, smile and live stronger again.

4. Sugar

This sweet-faced heroine had a gloomy time from feeling sad in his heart. Used to live unhappy Passed through the point that felt down so much that it was scary, but still good to be aware of it. Think that we should live a happy life Focus on the things that make you smile more than you have to sit and think about the suffering every day. And now she is the one who let go Turn to the Dharma that will help calm the mind Helps to better understand how to live Not taking everything into account until it makes myself feel miserable again. And there is something to drain to those around you No longer burdens himself by hiding his suffering.

5.Uboy TJ

Long-running rapper Urboy TJ has revealed that he suffers from depression, insomnia, and has been on drugs for more than three years, and he’s been on medication regularly. As for the symptoms of depression, it will be encountered for a long time, but today he tries to live happily Look at everything in color Because life must go on

6. Nida Watermelon

 Is another young star who suffers from deep depression Even when trying to hurt myself But it’s good that doctors can save lives in time. Which after the event at that time Made her realize that it was just a flash of emotion And being more conscious about living As for the treatment of depression, the drug is not absent. And live a happy life If you feel down and feel bad, she will always tell the people around you. Which allows you to overcome the gloom in your heart every time.


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