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A lot of hair loss, tell me what disease, check what symptoms suggest you might be sick

A lot of hair loss is a sign of any disease? When you wash your hair or comb your hair and fall out into clumps like this, is it risky to get sick? Check to make sure our health is ok or not.

If at this time you can observe that A lot of hair loss There may be some concern that hair loss is due to chemical allergy. For example, do hair coloring, perm, straighten, or tie your hair frequently, or does the hair loss indicate a certain disease? Let’s conclude how much hair loss is wrong. And what are the symptoms of hair loss?
How much hair loss is it unusual

          when I wash my hair and comb my hair and find that I have lost a lot? Or by combing it with my hand, I stuck several strands This type of hair may feel unusual. But do not panic, because Asst. Prof. Rattapoltuangthong, Department of Dermatology Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital explains that we usually have hair loss all the time. And may fall about 100 strands per day on the day that you don’t wash your hair Or on the day of shampooing, hair loss may be up to 200 strands, so if you want to check the malfunction, we have to count the hair loss each day with the following methods.

How to check unusual hair loss

          – Keep all the hair falling out. Collected in plastic bags by keeping all 5 times in the morning, late afternoon, evening and before bedtime.

          – Keep the hair for one week and then come to the average that each day. How many strands of our hair fall? If more than 100 strands, almost every day, we should consult a doctor to find out the obvious cause

. Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital also revealed that hair loss can be divided into two types: hair loss without scar. The hair follicles around the head are not damaged. The hair can still regenerate. And hair loss with scarring That is, the scalp cells are completely damaged. I cannot grow up again. This type is often caused by accidents such as fire, scald or some diseases.

A lot of hair loss Tell me what disease or not?

           Usually, hair loss can be caused by many reasons, the main one being the hair and scalp exposed to sunlight. Or chemicals from too much paint drying Or some people like to tie their hair frequently, it makes the hair roots weak. And even heredity, thinning hair, baldness, taking certain medications that interfere with hair follicle cells, such as certain acne medications, birth control pills, or chemotherapy. It is the cause of hair loss,

           however, very severe hair loss in some people, it may be caused by disorders in the body that we are currently sick. This must be observed in conjunction with other symptoms such as

     1. Hormones in the body change.

Mothers after birth will feel that the hair is abnormal. Which is caused by hormones in the body At the time of pregnancy Sex hormones may cause my hair to temporarily stop growing. That we don’t feel any hair loss during pregnancy But after giving birth for a while Hormones will return to normal. Hair growth will be back to the same. Which we will start to see that the hair has more fall

In addition, in postmenopausal women whose body has hormonal changes. Will find that the hair loss is more And the hair that grows new is thinner and thinner Until it felt like a lot of hair loss was a personality problem But for health problems, it may not be of much concern. And if wanting to treat the symptoms of thinning hair, it can be done Because the hair cells have not been shut down Can still regenerate again.

     2. Lack of protein.

          Protein is an essential nutrient for hair formation. If the body does not get enough protein Or in the diet May make hair brittle, weak, faded and dark hair. And easy to fall off Especially people whose body lacks heavy protein, hair will fall all over the head. Including nails, they are relatively brittle and easily broken.

  3. Lack of iron and zinc.


          Iron and zinc deficiencies are also common causes of hair weakness. And in the case of heavy nutritional deficiencies, there will be hair loss all over the head. Because both iron and zinc It is an important nutrient for our hair as well

4. Getting too much vitamin A.

          Vitamin A has properties to inhibit the growth of skin cells. Slow gray hair But if you eat more vitamin A than the body needs It may stimulate very unusual hair loss.

5. Stressful disease.

          Stress is a major cause of hair loss. Because when the body is stressed, it will affect hormone levels. Also, stress will shorten the life expectancy of the hair

      6. Scalp problems.

          For example, dandruff is a common cause of hair loss. Including fungi on the scalp This disease is another cause of hair loss too. Because when there is fungus or dandruff, we tend to itchy head, causing you to scratch, and scratching it often can cause even more hair loss.

7. Hair pulling disease itself.

          Hair pulling disorder is an obsessive mental disorder. People with this condition will notice that patches of hair are recovered from repetitive pulling, both unconsciously and consciously pulling them.However, if they are actually found to be sick, there is a way to cure them.
     8.Thyroid poisoning

          Another chronic disease caused by malfunction of the major glands in the body. The first signs of this disease are very unusual hair loss. This is because the body expels a lot of fat through the skin. Makes the scalp oily, weak hair roots, causing easy hair loss. Which if found to have a lot of hair loss, hair loss, especially the tail of the eyebrows In combination with weight loss Or add abnormal, easy fatigue, sweating, insomnia, should go to a health check quickly.

9. Hepatitis.

          One of the functions of the liver is to change the nutrients the body receives. It is a form that the body can pull to various parts of the body. Work abnormally It will result in the body not getting full nutrients. Most patients with liver disease have a lean body. Fragile hair is easy to fall off, including nails that are brittle and easily broken

10. Syphilis

         Symptoms Syphilis Stage 2 will find patches of hair loss throughout the head, resembling a moth. If this symptom is found in conjunction with other symptoms of syphilis, such as a red-brown rash on the palms, soles of the feet, or found warts in a damp area. Have a hard sore on the genitals Should hurry to have a physical examination. 

STDs 11. Kidney disease

          The kidneys are an important organ in the body’s work system. It is responsible for excreting waste and balancing the levels of water, salts and minerals, so if the kidneys do not work properly. The body also loses its mineral balance. Causing weak hair, teeth, and bones In addition, the kidneys are responsible for the storage of bone marrow. Which is the precursor to the production of blood to the body When the kidneys work abnormally Creation of blood to support different parts will not be able to fully. And may not deliver blood to the hair Until the hair is fragile, unhealthy and falls more easily than usual.

12. Inflammation from a progressive type of infection.

          Any type of infection that causes the body to become inflamed. And as the infection spreads to various organs of the body, this case may be found that the patient will have a lot of unusual hair loss. And most of them will be type 2 hair loss, which cannot be regenerated.

13. Hair loss from hair follicle allergy

          The patient has a strong immune system. There are white blood cells that disturb the hair follicle until the cells stop working. Causing patches of hair to disappear and the skin without hair will be smooth No broken hair stumps or skin bumps were found. And if the symptoms are severe, it will be found that the hair loss of the whole head Including hair loss as well

14. SLE disease

          SLE or autoimmune disease Will have too much immunity to get rid of cells that grow faster Including hair cells This will cause hair loss symptoms followed by, however, hair loss of patients with SLE disease is a type of scar hair loss. Is damaged scalp hair follicles Until I can not grow new hair. The diagnosis of SLE or not must have a chronic fever. A butterfly rash on the face, joint pain and other symptoms 

15. Neoplasms and cancer.

          Tumors of the sweat glands, sebaceous glands, hair follicles, skin cancer. Including cancer that has spread from other organs May be the cause of scarred hair loss In addition, cancer treatment with chemotherapy. Or certain drugs It may cause side effects to hair loss more than usual. Because chemotherapy will stop the proliferation of cancer cells This causes other cells in the body, such as hair root cells, to be affected.

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