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Blood Transfusion can be Easily Prevented by Ourselves

1. Eat foods that contain a lot of fiber,

          this will help us not have constipation. Until causing side effects such as bloody stools Each day, we should eat a lot of vegetables – fruits such as green leafy vegetables, bananas, papaya, oranges or fruits to cure constipation as follows.

2. Drink lots of

          water . Water in here means pure water. This is a very good helper in solving constipation. Because water will help us to flow better Makes the stool soft and easy to take. Oh! And it is best to avoid tea, coffee and alcohol. The body to do constipation as well.

3. The pain immediately taken.

Do not offend Woonji. Because if we hold on for a long time, the colon will have time to absorb water back into the body. Makes the stool that should be excreted, dehydrated, hard to pass again, so if the stomach is puffed up, it is better to go and take it.

4. Avoid cleaning the bottom by wiping.

          We should wash the bottom with a basic method such as regular washing. Because the use of a paper towel to clean the buttocks can cause more or less abrasion of the rectal tissue. And the abrasions will become the entrance to the pathogen in the feces. Until it may cause inflammation that follows Therefore, it is best to avoid using dry tissue to clean the bottom is better. Or, if absolutely necessary, there is no hose to clean the bottom. May use wet wipes instead Which means that we should carry some wet wipes in the bag.

5. Exercise regularly.

Exercise will help prevent constipation. Because it will make your muscles stronger Has good strength. In addition, frequent physical movements can also reduce the risk of elevated intravenous pressure. It is also conducive to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

     If you do not want to worry about the symptoms of blood transfusion Try to perform as well But however In the case of blood transfusions too frequently Or has more blood in the stool than normal Should have a doctor diagnose it better. Because finding the cause of blood transfusion Need to look at several factors And may need to use other medical equipment for diagnosis as well Which if we know the cause of the blood transfusion how quickly The chances of treating a blood transfusion are greater.

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